Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime Around the Lake

On this warm and sunny day...


  1. What a difference - our lake is still frozen and my favorite trails are still under snow cover- not a speck of green to be seen up here.
    I enjoyed seeing these early spring photos but was bowled over by your chippie capture- fantastic and adorable!

  2. I was wondering how things looked up your way as I looked back over last year's posts at this time. The blog reminded me that the pussy willows were out and sure enough, I'm looking at a couple of branches. There are already so many worthy candidates for drawing!

    That little chipmunk was playing games with me. :-) Each time I moved for a better position it would pop out of sight, only to reappear within a minute or so. It felt so good to be out and about the lake. It's certainly been a while...

  3. Lovely John! I was thinking of you today and how beautiful your photos are. I am very happy to see them again!

  4. Oh thank you, Val! :-)

    I've been out about the lake for the past three days and loving it. Warmer and brighter evenings will make for many more opportunities.

  5. Great springtime photos. You have juxtaposed the fresh growth with the lingering autumn leaves, I really like how that works.

  6. At this time of year around here, it's rather difficult to do otherwise. :-) I have recently on occasion, and with some reticence, removed a dried leaf to better show off a new growth feature.