Thursday, March 18, 2010

White Pine

I'm getting in a bit of sketching with White Pine. On the final day of torrential rains, I came home to find this pine cone on my doorstep, just begging to be sketched.

I tried a pine cone a few months ago and had a lot of trouble--too busy into counting and figuring... This time I lightly penciled in a rough outline and then began simply placing in shapes. Starting from the top and working across, everything fit nicely (and quite unconsciously) into my predefined outline.

This little piece is safe in my sketchbook dedicated to the white pine project.

Tomorrow it's back to the Gothic characters with an ambitious plan to wrap up the second set! :-) I have printed guideline sheets to ease the process. And, I printed out Katharine's lesson pages--it's so much easier for me to work from a printout, rather than the LCD screen.


  1. Beautifully done!
    Ironically, it is a white pine cone that is sitting on my own desk at this minute as well, waiting for its portrait to be completed- only mine is in pieces- I chose one that has been stripped of its seeds by a red squirrel- I gathered all the leftover bits and I am painting a little "still life" of them.
    The more I see your calligraphy work, the more I am reminded of the work of nature journaler Hannah Hinchnman who marries the two art forms of botanical illustration and hand lettering to create some of the most incredible pieces of contemporary illuminated artwork. Her books are find to find now, but are treasures if you should come across them.
    I think it is great that you are exploring so many artistic avenues-each one will enrich the other in ways you may not even realize!

  2. Thanks! :-) It felt good to pick up a pencil again. Tonight it's back to the lettering.

    I'll bet your middens painting is lovely.

    I'll have to poke around for those books. Sounds interesting!

    I'm having a wonderful time exploring. And, I am blessed by having the most supportive artists cheering me on.