Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Journal


Prospective Cornell Botanical Illustration I students, welcome to my blog and in particular my daily posts as I worked through the course earlier this year. Any questions, do feel free to email me.

I encourage you to check out the comments attached to many of these posts. I am blessed with the presence of professional artists who offer their thoughts and encouragement.



My last assignment is to submit this weeks journal. Here are the guidelines:

You're coming to the conclusion of this course! Please reflect on "highlights" and "lowlights:" what have you enjoyed the most, learned the most, and which aspects of the course have assisted this process for you? On the other hand, where does the course most need improvement in helping you along toward your goal of drawing the plant world?

And here is my submission:

What can I say? I had a blast!

I appreciated the one on one attention. From the very first assignment, I was guided to focus on line quality. Also, I think needing to produce art for assignments brought me to work hard while experiencing many techniques within a short time. These aspects served to really raise my confidence.

I find myself observing negative space and measuring relative angles while walking about. I now have no qualms about working with ink. I have a greater awareness of light and shadow. And, I am really so happy with all these results.

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