Monday, March 29, 2010

Flowering Quince

I've always enjoyed viewing the flower and fruit of the Flowering Quince, ever mindful of those sharp little spikes. The flower buds are swollen and the leaf buds and just now beginning to open. And amazing as it seems, these buds have colors other that browns and grays!

And speaking of color, today I dug out the tubes of Winsor and Newton. I'm amazed by how many watercolors I've collected, each new one promising to be the silver bullet that would jump start my painting. I'll find my brushes--there are some nice W&Ns and Raphaels about. I'll pile up the hot press blocks. I think I've found my spot, that place where I can leave my tools and toys and work, all set and ready to go. I'm on a slow ramp up as the Cornell course gets closer.

And speaking of Cornell (I promise, this is the last segue), I've put together before and after drawings for a Powerpoint slide. I'll get them out here soon. Marcia, my drawing instructor, would like a slide about me before I'm presented in a Cornell webinar on online courseware. I'm a bit vague on the details but it sounds like I'm to do a little talk on the student experience and then join discussion with other instructors. Still to be worked out are the logistics--getting my voice live into their production, me getting queued, and whatever other high tech stuff needs to happen.


  1. Flowering quince have my very favorite color flower! Paints are very seductive, as a friend says tongue in cheek, "Painting is about buying products."

    Can't wait to hear how you liked doing a webinar.

  2. Well, what I need now is that perfect table to hold all my stuff--with computer would be great... :-)