Saturday, March 6, 2010

Calla Progress

Last night I started in on composition, over and over placing the lilies about on the Oasis block. I decided to leave out the willow--it just wasn't working for me. Finally, I hit upon an arrangement that felt right and I blocked in a initial sketch.

After working that sketch for some time, I transferred it off for a second round sketch. I felt that the left lily needed to be pulled in so I only transferred to two on the right, then lifted and retaped the transfer before dropping in the last, sort of like the manual version of Photoshop.

I was up until 3 AM working in some detail and shadowing. I am going to proceed cautiously as this drawing may be quite close to completion. It is so important to know when to stop. Less is more, I remind myself.

As well as this graphite version, I made transfers to two watercolor blocks. I'd like to do versions in ink line as well as ink wash. It's going to be another late night...

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