Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tools

I find it all rather amazing that just a few simple tools can be so powerful. Along with some select paper, these items were all that was needed for creating the course assignments. I am rather proud of my short pencils--they reflect many hours of practice.

I spent a good while in the produce section of the local market selecting interesting vegetables for my next and final exercise, a series of compositional study thumbnails and a selected illustration.


  1. Hi~ I am so enjoying going through your sketches. I am contemplating this online Botanical course. I am a contributing writer to Herb Quarterly magazine and have always been fascinated with plants but think of myself as being no so talented in the drawing dept.
    Have you thus continued with your studies at Cornell?
    Kathy of the Enchanted Wood

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Your white deer are so beautiful!

    I so enjoyed my online courses with Cornell. You may notice that I ended up taking all three. You could hop into the first course with just a wish to learn and have fun.

    And nothing beats just banging around with a pencil and paper. Pick a favorite plant and explore. :-)

    Best wishes,

    -- John