Friday, March 26, 2010

NESBA, MFA, and Beaked Hazelnut Flowering

The Beaked Hazelnut just up the road is another early flowerer.

It was a long day in the big city. My feet hurt and I'm tired. But..I had a blast! :-)

This morning I caught the commuter rail into Boston. My MFA ticket allowed a second admission within ten days so I hiked all about that museum. My favorite this time was a set of Monets. There is something about the color of light...of a lovely pinkish quality.

In late afternoon, I made my way over to the Boston Flower Show for the NESBA exhibit. I got to meet Joyce Westner who with her friendly and engaging ways instantly made me feel completely welcome. In fact, she handed over her badge and left me to hold the fort while she went about for a while. Thanks, Joyce! :-)

I met a few members as well as other artists who may become members. I saw the most wonderful botanical paintings. I mean wow! Egg tempera of three gourds in a lovely limited palette. Copper etching, graphite, watercolor, colored pencil. Oh, everything was so beautiful and inspiring. I'll have to check around and see if there might be a link to the exhibit pieces.


  1. What fun to meet in person. Wish I had brought a camera! There's no online version of the art, alas.

    Hope to see a piece of yours in the next NESBA exhibit, this summer on the Cape. And more of course in your terrific blog! - Joyce

  2. I don't think I've ever not come home from a day in Boston completely exhausted - but always inspired in one way or another.
    So glad that you got to meet up with Joyce!

  3. So nice meeting in person, Joyce! :-)

    I'd planned to bring a camera (good idea, Gretchen!) and had half of what I needed when I realized that I was just about to miss my train.

  4. Ya Gretchen, it was a fun and inspiring day. I sure picked the right day to go--today's in the mid 30's and there is a bit of snow in the air.

    I ended up doing more walking than anticipated. Got off on the wrong Green Line stop and figured I could easily remedy that. Let's just say that my internal compass was not very well tuned...