Monday, March 1, 2010

A Trip to the Florist

By Sunday evening, I felt worn out from my lighting studies and yet still with the urge to get on with the rest of this week's work. But there I was, completely bored with my bag of dried leaves and twigs. I decided to call it an early evening with the promise to next day look up a local florist.

This afternoon I visited with Laura and Mary of Merriweather's Flowers where I received a king's treatment. Upon calling to inquire about botanical specimens, Mary immediately made me feel right at home. When I arrived, Laura excitedly pulled out all kinds of interesting leaves and flowers. I'll need to check back with Laura to get names for all these wonders. I think the branch is some sort of willow and I know the Calla lilies. Even Laura didn't know the name yet of that beauty on the far right but knew that she liked it. What's in a name anyway?

At this time, I'm thinking of the Calla's for an ink exercise and the rest for a graphite that begins with a medium gray pencil background. More and better pictures later as I arrange each exercise individually. For now, all are safely tucked away in the fridge. Now it's on to business and I couldn't be more excited!

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