Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Middle Tone Drawing Complete

Although most work has centered on a lily pen and ink, I did get in and wrap up the middle tone leaves drawing. I managed to get it some nice dark tones and cleaned up the veining. It's a wrap here and uploaded to Cornell.

The lily that consumed last night was so challenging for me--both psychologically and skill-based. It was so hard to get through the exasperation--ten times I began a sketch. Finally, I came upon a composition that clicked. I felt better and better as the sketch took form. The pen and ink went reasonably well with only one skittered about mess when the nib caught the tooth of the paper. There's about six hours in it already and I hope to wrap it tonight. I'll just keep at it until it's done.

It was back to the florist today for a foam block. There's no way I can manage those Callas on my own--might as well herd cats. Along with the lilies I have some willow, all twisted twigs that also need good anchoring. Laura at Merriweather's assured me that the Callas will last a long time. In fact, everything I'm working with still looks great in the fridge.

I want to extend a warm welcome to the many visitors from the New England Society of Botanical Artists (NESBA)!

NESBA President, Joyce Westner, today sent the blog address to the membership. Along with Val's recent lovely article, Nuncketest has seen a recent and incredible spike in visits.

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