Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Second Gothic Set

I thought that yesterday's set of six Gothic characters (i, l, c, e, n, u) would be easy to remember... The "n" and "u" took some review and just didn't seem to work very well. More practice is needed... :-)

And hold those guidelines in mind... Keep that nib at a forty-five degree angle. Make those little end caps square. Keep the uprights straight up with no wiggles. Observe good character spacing. Keep x-height consistent.

Today I began learning the second set of twelve characters, starting with the "m" and the "w". My guidelines aren't showing here but I do have the 9 mm x-height lines in place. Didn't bother with the 5 mm ascenders or descenders.

I got a few good m's and w's. It sure feels good when they come out nice. This is just like with drawing in that I can move into this tranquil state, when my focus is clearly on what I'm doing. Fascinating, this pathway to meditation.

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