Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lily in Ink

It's hard to believe that there's only one week left...

The lily is complete and uploaded. I really enjoyed this piece. Only thing is that ink is not very forgiving so I must pay attention. I did try a bit of cleanup with a razor blade--mixed results at best.

And here's this week's journal submission:

Challenging? Rewarding. Oh yes, all of that! Really, I'm having a great time. I get the feeling that I'm learning more than I realize, that all that I've experienced will come together in time. In other words, I feel that learning to draw is a process. This course is giving me the tools to continue practice and learning. I look forward to, in weeks to come, sitting back with all the course material for a good review.

I started drawing every day in mid December when I switched from photos to drawings in my daily blog. I can't imagine anything other than keeping up that daily practice. This course has altered my blog content from self-directed material to my assignments and in some ways, I miss those little projects I dreamed up and look forward to returning to them. But, I also think that professional instruction is important and I plan to seek that out very soon.

I feel like I should have more to say here but what with all my blogging on the course and our email discussions, I'm all talked out! That is, except to say thank you for everything.


This has been one heck of a week. Lots of exercises that I spent tons of time on. This coming week proves to be just as involved, not only with exercises but much in the way of conceptual material. Somehow I'd thought it was all really about that final project.

Now it's on to the Calla lilies.


  1. Only ONE week left? How can that be?
    I absolutely "get" your sentiment about learning more than you realize. For the past two years I have attended a 5 day intensive art workshop- we are immersed in learning from morning to night. I come home exhausted, mentally and physically. It takes days, weeks and months to process it all (if ever) and even now sometimes, something-some obscure piece of information that seemed so insignificant at the time- will all of a sudden just "click" and enrich my creative experience tenfold!

  2. My instructor also shares our sentiments. I am getting tired! :-)

    She's encouraging me to take her watercolor course later this year. I think I'll go for it.