Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Middle Tone Drawing I

Here's a peek at my middle tone drawing, a work in progress. I was up until late last night with this. I call this a middle tone drawing because instructions call for first covering the entire paper with a mid level gray. I used an HB with a stomp. I set up a composition window half the size of the drawing space. You can see how I margined out my space with artist's tape. I can't say that I'm much of a fan of this method, probably because after stomping in the HB, it's darned difficult to achieve dark, even with a 4B. I will be trying for darker dark by pointing up a 2B or 4B--points make a big difference. Also need some highlight work--perhaps a couple of hours more work. There's about five hours here already.

I heard back from my instructor today. The feedback on the lighting study was extremely positive. In fact, she asked to use that drawing for future reference material. Once again, my head is stuck in the doorway.

The more I thought about the Calla lilies, the more I wanted to use them for the final drawing. I ran that by Marcia (we're supposed to consult with our instructor on this drawing) and she thought that was a good idea. Only thing is that meant I needed another specimen for this week's work so it was back to the florist. I picked out a beauty of a lily that I need to get to this evening. And, I want to get in some preliminary sketches on the Callas. It's not clear to me how long everything will last even in the fridge so here I am working on three projects simultaneously. If the lilies won't last, I need to coordinate with the florist to hopefully get what I need. The florist picks up at the market near daily but they only take the good stuff. So, I'm kind of playing this close...


  1. I particularly like the left leaf with its almost positive/negative ripples and the line work on its edge. If one squints at this piece, a clarity of focus and energy is visible at the point where the two leaves almost touch. Your eye for composition shines here!

  2. Oh, thanks so much, Gretchen! :-) I am so totally consumed with all my recent work. Reminds me, I still need to find out that leaf's species.