Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Work Results and Thumbnails

I submitted my final drawing this morning. Yes, a singular drawing. I was expecting to upload all three Calla images but the interface allowed for only one. After uploading the ink wash, I dropped the other two in the supporting document with an explanation and emailed that along.

I heard back in a few hours. My instructor preferred the graphite as it had shading that better let to three dimensionality. Being able to compare the graphite with the ink wash was very helpful and I can now see how the ink was kinda flat. I think I was having a time of it with the white petals and was leary of getting into the darker tones. But, without tone there is no depth. So, this was a very interesting exercise, one that I got a lot from.

There is still work for this week! Below is a series of thumbnail sketches from late Sunday evening. I had to work various compositions and lighting, creating quick sketches as I go along. Now it's time to pick one for a drawing. I'm leaning towards the upper right. The sketch doesn't really portray it properly but it's a nearly level on point of view with cool lighting.

That was my last sketch of the night and it shows, but I did get photos to back me up.

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