Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three Of A Kind

Here are my final drawings. There's really only supposed to be one final submission but I had so much fun trying this composition in different media that I decided that I will send them all in!

First graphite:

Next ink line:

And lastly ink wash:

Students are asked to supply comments on their work and here's a snip from mine, thoughts that I didn't cover in yesterday's post:

My triplicate entries may be a bit unorthodox and if I must choose one as my submission, well, let me see... I initially worked out the graphite to completion, feeling I'd better stop before overworking the piece. Next I pulled out all the stops with the ink lines. Bold and daring! The ink wash I suppose really is my darling. I do love the softness and smoothness. So, ink wash it is. But really, I like 'em all!

I think what I worked for with the ink pieces was to separate out line from wash. My previous exercise and your comments really got me thinking. I feel that I found a way to isolate the qualities of each medium by letting the wash work in a gentle flowing manner and letting the line boldly demand attention.

I've another exercise and lots of composition reading and review left for this week. More on that tomorrow :-)


  1. I like the ink wash most, as well; it seems to capture the creamy softness of the lilies. I think you will LOVE watercolor when you take the next round of classes!

  2. I think you are right, Gretchen. :-) And looking ahead to that, I'm waiting to hear back on when the course begins.