Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water and Ice and... What's In A Number?

I ran across this most wonderful quote in Nancy Rotenburg's Foreword to Fine Art Digital Nature Photography by Tony Sweet.

Don't ever begin to believe
that when you get to a certain
point, you're there.

Don't ever put a limit to what
you want to be, because when
you get to that place, you're

Don't ever set yourself a
stopping place, because maybe that
is just the beginning.

~John Held, Jr.

Today is the one hundredth day of Nuncketest posts. It's been downright satisfying and exciting and without further ado...

Here's to keep on keeping on!

A couple of shoreline shots where I practiced not leaving my shadow in the pictures.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I just discovered your blog only this week and am happily working my way back through your archives. I've already bookmarked Nuncketest as one of my "must check every day" reads; I'm up here the Upper Valley (Sunapee/Dartmouth) of NH and it will be fun to compare nature notes with you. Your photographs are stunning! ~ gretchen

  2. Hi Gretchen, and thank you for the kind words. So nice! :-)

    I wonder what the climate offset is between us? As a guess, maybe a few weeks?