Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fine Art Printing for Photographers

Fine Art Printing for Photographers, Exhibition Quality Print with Inkjet Printers by Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins is a heavy read for me. The mechanics of inks and their delivery systems and paper take up a couple of chapters. There's color management and workflows and even a chapter on black and white printing.

I'm learning why we might want to have up to four different black inks to handle various papers and b/w prints.

Like each book that I've been posting on, I am only skimming the surface. I will need to reread as well as try to implement--I think it's the only way I might grasp all this information. I am sometimes overwhelmed with all the aspects of photography that I am simultaneously pursuing but I think in time that I will reach some understanding. I feel that if I can at least recognize the subjects that I can then keep going back to fill in more and more.

Another area that I am pondering is mounting and framing. Coming soon...

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