Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh my, I'm falling behind...

I planned on new moss shots for today's post but won't get to them until later this evening. Additionally, I need to get to some photos of my recently sprouting unknown twigs. Actually, I can now identify one, Sassafras, as it has just opened up a few days ago. Meanwhile, the Catalpa is really taking off. How fascinating, isn't it, how all this stuff happens?

So, here are a few shoreline pictures from last weekend when I ventured into a No Trespassing area. It's only some town well and pump station property and figure since I'm carrying the camera that no problems will come my way. By the way, those red berries in the middle shot are from an overhead Bittersweet vine.

p.s. Yesterday's post didn't get pushed out by FeedBurner. Bad Feedburner! Bad!


  1. Thanks and I do wonder why that preference? I liked the reflection but nearly cropped out the foreground leaves.

    The others...what I saw and what I captured...

  2. I love them all.. but I agree the third photo has almost a quality of votive offerings laid on the shoreline, quite lovely.

  3. What a imaginative and thoughtful way of putting it. Thanks, Val!