Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fine Art Digital Nature Photography

Fine Art Digital Nature Photography by Tony Sweet is so awesome. Just buy it. How's that for a review?

Okay, first off I will assume that you are a nature photographer. Next I will imagine that that you'd like to present your photos with some kinds of abstractions--blurs, dreamily hypnotic images, or painterly styles. Additionally, you will have to be ready to pick up at at least one add-on package for your Photoshop. After seeing the incredible photos, you'll want to try to incorporate some of the techniques in your own work.

You will soon become familiar with companies with names like Singh-Ray, Nik, Alien Skin, Photomatix, and Helicon. And then you'll probably want the rest of Tony Sweet's books.

Or, buy this book simply to look at the beautiful photos and kindle your inspiration for better work. Many of the photos in this book can be seen in his online gallery.

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