Sunday, March 22, 2009


Not since the case of the Sweet Pepperbush have I dealt with such mystery as this little creature. For months I have been photographing and taking samples of the Broadleaf Meadowsweet, Spirea latifolia . I repeatedly searched through A Guide to Wildflowers in Winter to no avail. Then yesterday a sudden flash of insight led me to realize that my elusive quarry was not a small wintered over biennial or a perennial but a true bush. Within minutes my trusty The Shrub Identification Book by George W. D. Symonds came to the rescue. The details in the remains of what I imagine to be the fruiting section of the flower are so incredible. How did those tiny little sharpened tips stay just so throughout our severe winter?

The close up shot was new technique experimentation. For shutterbugs, you can read about my adventures with all the technical details over in 24 x 36.

I've been shooting this little one for so long that I feel I must include shots taken over a period of months.

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