Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maple Bud

Maple buds are a sure sign of spring, right?

This shot came from last week's shoot and I really expected to see blossoms by now. Alas, there has been not much change this past week. I thought that perhaps in more sheltered spots or areas with more sun exposure that I might see at least a few. Sigh...

But, I did get some signs of Spring that I'll be processing up for the coming week's posts. I also discovered some new remnants of last year's wildflowers that need research. Even have a new gall. We're in for some real treats this week! :-)

During today's adventure, I got to talk with some nice folks and handed out the blog address a couple of times. I've thought about bookmarks for getting the address out easily and I need to either firm that up or get to something else. For now I may just print up some 4 x 6's that I can keep handy.


  1. BUDS? You've got BUDS? Nothing yet up in this neck of New England. Just as I clicked on your website, a whole flock of canadian geese circled our lake and landed near our dock- I counted 19 of them- but as it's still frozen, they waddled around for a few moments before taking off in formation- it was beautiful albeit noisy, but has been one of our first real signs of spring so far! We are in the last days of our sugaring season here; the buckets will start to come down tomorrow. Still have plenty of snow although bare spots in south facing fields are finally showing. I am craving green!

  2. How contrary we are as a species. I love to see these bare branches. Here the green is relentless and I look to the few leafless trees we have here for a visual treat! Lovely colours and lovely shot John.

  3. This week we'll see a bit of both--bare trees and some early green!

    Gretchen, here the Canada Geese don't migrate! During freeze overs I think they head for rivers or towards the ocean coast. Snow, eh? Oh my... Although I do remember our April 1st storm years back--two feet of wet snow, no electricity for a week.

    Thanks, Val. I am making conscious efforts with color and composition and it is so enjoyable learning more about seeing. More about that over in 24x36 sometime soon.