Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Bit Of Moss

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Good FeedBurner! Good! :-)

I guess mosses really have favorite spots to grow and who can blame them? There's nothing like rotted wood to make some of them content. Here mosses trace out the remains of a fallen tree. Some of the upcoming photos came from samples taken from that log. Others came from stone surfaces.

The Yellow Birches with stilted legs from an earlier post are in the upper left.

This is the same moss we looked at here. I hadn't checked in closely on it for days and was so surprised to see the changes! It kind of reminds me of a photo I've recently seen in one of my moss books so I'll go hunting. Still, with the thousands and thousands of possibilities, I'm, haha!, just a bit overwhelmed! :-) It's no worries though. Just being able to witness all this life is so rewarding.


  1. I've read that you take an 8 inch branch that is green, cut clean with a sharp knife and stripped of all but the last 3 leaves. Dip the cut end of the branch in rooting hormone (as you mention), stick the cutting in a pot of warm, wet sand (70-80 degrees) and preferably keep the pot enclosed inside a clear plastic bag to maintain humidity. The cutting should begin to root in 8 weeks. Transplant the cutting into a large pot when there are a lot of roots. This will be evident when you see new green growth.

  2. Hi Janine,

    Thanks for that wonderful info! Now, if I can only find my hormones... ;-)

    -- John