Monday, March 9, 2009

I Found a New Bird!

Here's a Carolina Wren. Although more popular towards the South, they do stay all year long up into southern New England. Not able to tolerate severe cold, a rough winter will take many.

With yesterday's warmer weather, I was outside shooting and wouldn't have spotted this species otherwise. A pair came quickly through the yard, and this one, presumably the male because of his chattering, was rather elusive. He's roughly the size of a sparrow.

Chickadees are just the coolest little birds. I recently read that they survive the coldest winter nights by reducing their body temperature and metabolism while sheltered in a hollowed tree. It's sort of like hibernation but when of such a short time it's called torpor.

I like to think that the high oil content of black sunflower seeds that I feed them helps out during those rough times. Maybe they'd help with my torpor?

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