Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Adventure

A four day weekend is so freeing--no schedules, no routines--leaving me all the time in the world for a photo adventure. What with cold and icy weather, when shooting I've tended to remain close to home or drive out to a specific spot. Today I am sore and tired from wading through briars, balancing over the water for that just right shot, and generally wandering all over the place. I probably looked like a kid on an Easter egg hunt.

I've easily collected enough for a week's worth of posts, but processing today's 91 photos will take time. So here's one of the first, an enormous number of Canada Geese. While working closeups of various little plants, I began hearing a thunderous honking of literally hundreds of geese flying in across the lake. Coming right in at me! There were so many more outside this photo, both in the air and on the water.

I've been thinking about a second blog, one that focuses on my photographic experiences. I have quite deliberately tried to keep Nuncketest about the natural world, leaving all the technicalities behind the scenes. But from time to time, I slip something in, folks ask about something I may have mentioned, or someone simply wonders how I made a specific shot. That got me thinking--a place to collect all my musings on my interest with photography. So, here's 24 x 36! It ain't pretty, not yet any way, but it'll shape up soon.

Lastly, I'm again caught in the Feedburner blues. Yesterday's post, Red Pine, didn't get pushed out via email. Here's hoping this post makes it!

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