Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 3 Journal

Wow, where is the time going? The course is already half way over!

I had some great exchanges with my instructor, Marcia, leading me to topics I'll continue into my weekly journal.

This week's prompt:

Think of a favorite painting, drawing, or other work of art. Perhaps it is one you have enjoyed since you were a child, or maybe it jumped out at you during a trip to the museum earlier in the year. What was it about that piece that spoke to you?What details do you remember about it? What feelings did it inspire? Did plants appear in the piece? If so, what may they have symbolized (i.e., what did a drooping flower or tree shattered by lightening evoke?)

How did the artist use color, line, form, texture, and light to convey feelings and ideas? What ideas or themes are represented in the piece?

You do not need to address each and every one of these questions; rather they are intended to help you probe deeply what it was about the piece that has stayed with you, and what you found to be compelling.

Earlier this year at the MFA Boston I was mesmerized by Gerrit Dou's “Old Woman Cutting Bread". This image from the MFA Online Calatog misses some of the the flame's fiery nature, leaving it a bit pale instead of with the warmth in the original.

How often does one see the lighting as nearly the subject itself? Not a far off sun or light streaming though a window, this flame radiates in all directions. Notice how well the intensity falls off--faces are brightly lit, the hanging basket to the left moderately so, and the overhead basket and rafters dimly portrayed.

I love this composition. All the action takes place in about one quarter of the space, all nestled together. It's a warm, homey, comfortable feeling. Light against darkness.

This has been a trying week of exercises. I felt like it took a long time to gain little headway, and I felt rushed at the same time! So now I look back on how I've been practicing a few techniques. That's cool. It's progress. I'm looking forward to next week's exercises where I'll get into painting subjects.

From time to time, I just have to go throught bouts of whining and wondering.

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