Sunday, July 4, 2010

Onion - It's A Wrap

That's it for the onions. I tried a third last night but my heavy washes just didn't work. Today I took my time with lighter washes and even tried masking a few edges to illustrate highlights. This last onion will probably be my course submission.

Next exercise is similar to this one, except that I get to pick the subject. I'm going to try a few tomatoes on the vine.


  1. John these are wonderful! .. what a great exercise. Just the two colours and what a shine and what 3D. It makes me want to get right down to doing one myself!
    I am so glad to be back to reading your blog! Val

  2. Oh thank you, Val. I'm enjoying these exercises. Now it's time to work on a tomato and some cherries (if I don't eat them all first.)

    I'm glad you're back too. :-)

    -- John