Monday, July 12, 2010

Orchid Petal-by-Petal

This is the beginning of the second exercise where I am asked to complete a painting one element at a time. So hear I went, one petal at a time. Phew, three hours later...

I am asked to compare this technique with the previous exercise where I worked the painting as a whole and then offer my thoughts on my preferred method. Well, I think I saw more going petal-by-petal. But who knows at this early stage in my practice which I might prefer?

You will notice quite the color shift from the first exercise. Yup, it's the same orchid. I'm actually a good deal closer to actual color with this second painting. I am amazed at how far off I could be without noticing. Am I filtering out color as I struggle with wash and shading? I don't know... Weird...


  1. Color shift affects my paintings of Plymouth gentians--that pink/purple is impossible to get quite right in watercolor. Your orchid challenges in the same way!

  2. Oh Joyce, when I spotted your Plymouth Gentian from across the hall at the Pembroke Library exhibition, it was by that very unique color that drew me to your painting from all the rest! I'd spent day after day looking at and photographing the flowers on the lake. I think your color was spot on. And so did Sarah, didn't she? :-)

  3. Sarah hasn't seen a live Plym Gentian but has helped me work up many mixes. Thanks for your support! Today I scope out The Fells near Lake Sunapee for an exhibit of alpine and rock garden plants--please plan to have one in that show next spring. No excuses!! :-)

  4. No excuses, eh? ;-)

    I did look at the links but haven't explored species very much. I'll have to focus on that soon.

    Joyce, I'd love to know how you make out at The Fells. (Email me if you like...or perhaps you'll tell NESBA?)