Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Pepperbush - Worksheet

The plan is to go with Sweet Pepperbush for my final painting. Here are my notes on composition, initial sketches, and color mixing. I feel on shaky ground with the initial drawing--the flower spike challenges me.

Sweet Pepperbush is now in bloom just a bit up the road and I suspect there will be good subjects all week long. I may take an extended weekend to wrap things up-- a fantastic excuse to get away from the job for a while.

This species holds special meaning for me here on Nuncketest. I discovered seed pods just before Christmas 2008 and spend a good deal of time identifying. Here's a link to all my Sweet Pepperbush posts.


  1. One of my favorites too--that heady perfume, wow! Frame it by Aug 30 for our Audubon Habitat Show! - Signed, guess who

  2. Guess who... hmmm... who could this be? Why, I'll bet her initials are Joyce Westner! :-)

    Well, Joyce, the pepperbush has gone by the wayside. All the bloody details forthcoming in today's post. I don't have much of a sense of smell (surprising, considering the size of my nose!) but those blossoms are indeed sweetly noticeable.