Sunday, July 25, 2010

Odyssey 2010

I've had a blast at Odyssey 2010 these past two days.

In general, I met so many nice people! I seem to be continually receiving affirmations that I am on the right path. It's a happy and calming feeling, mixed with just the right kind of excitement.

I met the very kind and informative Virginia Sarsfield of Handmade Papers Gallery. Although she didn't have any of her lovely custom lampshades with her, she took the time to demonstrate process with a tipped over chair. She explained how she uses a backing paper overlaid with a translucent textured and colored paper and described just how corners are joined. Thanks, Virginia! :-)

Here are my paper choices in 11 x 17" from her extensive selection. From top to bottom, flax and Cattail fibers, dyed flax, Foxfire and cotton, carbon and flax, and linen with garlic stems. I revisted today to pick up a couple more sheets of cattail--I feel a cool project in there.

And here's a piece 5 x 7" calfskin vellum from Pergamena--just a little something for me to try out.

A couple of books from John Neal Bookseller:

A lovely spiral-bound book for beginners.

A fascinating collection of ideas with many pointers to other books and web sites.

A few sheets 0f 22 x 30 " cattail paper from Paper and Ink Arts. This is a roughly textured paper that may be suitable for ink work. I compare that to Virginia Sarsfield's paper above that is quite smooth and might lend well to a detailed botanical image.

I also visited with three vendors where no money was exchanged, although they were so very friendly and informative and their goods were way cool:

Deena Schnitman
works with a paste paper process that produces incredibly beautiful results with natural dyes. Here are her online portfolios. We had a great chat about online instruction and she offered this beginner such very kind encouragement.

Lauren Perlman of Paper Connection International showed me quite a paper selection and described silk screening process where designs are taken from kimono patterns.

Carol W. Nichols presented her Gospel of Thomas Manuscript book. She had the original on hand and demonstrated just how well the color reproduction worked out.

Odyssey is an annual event taking place in cities throughout the US. It last presented at Stonehill College some eight years ago. How lucky was I to find this incredible event minutes from my home!

I am waiting for feedback on my final week's course submissions and will share with you as it comes in. Marcia's been away on a seminar for five days; students can expect her feedback early in the week.


  1. I want everything!
    I'm especially intrigued with that book about handprinting botanicals; hmmm ... I see they will mail order; uh-oh!

  2. Oh ya, this is a way cool book! I don't think you should be without it. Order immediately! :-)

    It will take me time to get into it but I knew I had to have it... Now. ;-)

  3. John, Thank you so much for the kind words ... I'll be anxious to see what you do with the papers! Virginia

  4. Hi Virginia,

    I will drop a line once I put your papers to work.