Thursday, July 22, 2010

Second Cut - Further Painting

I'm closing in on it. A bit of work with the greens. Perhaps some highlight lifting on the petals. And, that's it! :-)

Last night I was completely lost to a meditative trance. Hours went by unnoticed.


  1. oooh! Looks wonderful!
    Such a deep yet delicate pink color; I particularly like the tissue paper quality you captured in these rose petals - not an easy thing to do; and the little twists at the tips of the longer green sepals are quite lovely. I hope this piece truly fills you with a sense of accomplishment as it is such a beautiful botanical rendering on all levels.
    I can't believe this wraps up your course!

  2. Thanks, Gretchen! :-)

    I learned a lot with this piece. I've found that I often continue learning as I look back on earlier work. I have a final journal coming where I'll touch on this a bit more.

    Yes, it was a quick six weeks. It wasn't that long ago that I was hemming and hawing over possibly taking a Cornell offering. Now here I am, with both behind me. There's one heck of a sense of accomplishment there.

    A sincere thanks again for your comment, and all your support. It's all so enjoyable and appreciated.

  3. Agree with Gretchen re colour and sepals. Back left is my favourite but they're all enchanting.

    Six weeks already. Blimey.

  4. Based on Gretchen's comment, I added more curly tails to those sepals. I guess the little things can add character.

    Yup, it's all over. Blimey, indeed. ;-)