Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Cut - Final

Just a few minor tweaks here--enhanced the tails on the sepals, lifted out a few petal highlights, and added shadowing on the top of the stem. That's it! This image has been submitted; my course work is done.


  1. It's a lovely final piece. I see the new lines on the right-hand sepal, and the shadow on the stem brings the front two sepals forward very nicely. Interesting how the usually unconsciously registered details make a difference.

    It has been so fascinating and rewarding, and a real privilege, to share your course. Thank you, John! I've learned a lot, even vicariously.

    Found out today that Kelmscott vellum is often used for botanical illustration. I have a good supplier at good rates: £4.72/10cmX15cm up to £105.70/48cmX63.5cm (imagine!) They're William Cowley, Newport Pagnell, Bucks. Established 1870 :-)

  2. I picked up the stem shadowing idea from looking ahead in Wendy Hollender's book. Ah, the little things...

    And I have been equally honored, Katharine, with your presence and comments. I learn so, so much with your kind and deep commenting. Thank you for being here.

    Interesting on the vellum. I found them online at

    I will be visiting this supplier tomorrow at Odyssesy 2010: