Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tomato Touchup

This is the same tomato from last night's post. Although I had trouble with this... I don't know, I still liked it, at least when I viewed it from a distance. :-) This evening I tried to kick up the tonal range and smooth things out a bit. (How come I don't notice botch ups until viewing them on a monitor? Strange, and consistent.) Toning in around the sepals seemed to add a bit of dimension. So, a bit weird, a bit fun, I call it done. I'll sit on it for a few days but it will probably be my second exercise submission.

I picked up another bag of cherries this afternoon after eating all my models. I did get in a few sketches and will go for more this evening. These sketches will be the basis for an exercise that calls for painting with the least number of strokes. Sounds fascinating and I'm excited to give it a go but I figure I better have the shapes down tightly before attempting to portray them with minimal brush strokes.

The last exercise has me dropping in a dark background around my subject. I have a few daisies from the yard that might work if they keep. I picked the last three good-looking ones; seems they're going by so if I'm lucky timing might work for me.

The weeks are going by so quickly. I've been holding off taking time from work, expecting that I might need a few free days for wrap ups. So far, it's been easy enough going.

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