Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robins Day 12

It's funny how things sometimes work out. I wasn't happy with the picture quality of my first round of shots--this one being an example.

On my remedial followup, mother robin waited not so patiently for me to clear out. She has no problem issuing cautionary squawks even with a full beak.

And look at this. Our first fledgling graduate. Just moments before, all four were nest bound.


  1. Almost as if they were waiting for you to witness the event. They still look quite immature don't they? I guess the nest size must be a determining factor, as you mentioned the other day, and the parents will carry on feeding them outside the nest for some time. It must spread the risks to the whole brood too.

  2. Hah! It's only my anthropomorphic fancy but the escapee has an expression on its beak that looks like a mixture of pure smugness and residual wistfulness. I think mid-adolescence has been attained.

    If they're anything like blackbirds (same family, I think) the parents will feed them on the ground and in shrubs for a few days once they get outside ... and the fledglings will try to keep that set-up going as long as possible with much babyish behaviour.

    I'm just awe-struck by this continuing intimate view into their development. Thank you very much, John!

  3. Yes, Threadspider, I did have a moment of thinking that I was part of their picture! Birds of a feather, I was. :-)

  4. Katharine, perhaps they are slightly human... Or am I slightly bird? :-)

    Glad you enjoy the little ones. It's fun sharing!