Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mixing Exercise 28

Exercise 28 - The complementary pair, red and green, with orange-red and blue-green. Cadmium Scarlet, Winsor Lemon, and Cerulean Blue.

Something that seems to have fallen by the wayside in this scan is the wonderful granulation that Cerulean Blue brings to these mixes. In fact, the mixed pigments in wash on my palette needed constant stirring up. Other qualities come to mind--transparency to opaqueness and staining ability, properties that I've rather disregarded in these exercise posts, although have had some awareness in my exercises.

My cadmiums and the cerulean offer great covering ability--highly opaque. The Winsor Lemon, Ultramarine, and Permanent Rose are transparent pigments. Opaques are noted for some ability to perform as transparents when used in light washes or glazes.


  1. This is my new favourite. Beautifully graded -- and those mid-to-pale greys ... oh ... dawn on the lake and shading on pearls.

    Cerulean is a funny one. Flakey.

    These exercises are just brilliant even for the mere observer.

  2. These exercises are leading me to catalog color. What is this hue, value, and chroma? Today, while viewing flowering chives, I parsed my assembly of color charts... Yes, a violet red and a violet blue mix will get me close...

  3. How well phrased. Yes you are reweaving the rainbow. If only Keats had studied colour mixing!

  4. Reweaving the rainbow. I like that.