Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robin Eggs

Again this year, a robin nested under the deck. As I couldn't see into the nest, yesterday I slid a few fingers in and felt eggs rolling around. But today... I unscrewed a floor board from the deck and found myself a great view down into the nest. Now don't worry, I won't bother them very much and I will be sure that mother is off the nest before I take photos. And if things work out, we'll be getting to see little ones soon. :-)


  1. How precious! And what a great photo- I've never been lucky enough to find a nest convenient enough to be able to photograph like this let alone one with eggs. Can't wait to see the babies!
    Yesterday's colors were beautiful- I agree with you: the center mixes are my favorite. too; and having used those same pigments myself, I know exactly what they look like in real life. They are some of my favorites!
    ~ grechen

  2. Ya, I'm really excited over this nest! This afternoon I noticed mother setting so all's well.

    I'm accumulating quite a set of charts! :-) I'd like to work on my washes, getting a smoother appearance for each little square.

  3. Wow! I have never seen bird's eggs of such a brilliant turquoise blue. They are absolutely turquoise, like the stone!

    Robins' eggs in the UK are a much more restrained affair ;-)

    Congratulations on the nest. Looking forward to the updates on the family.

  4. Thunderstorms here this afternoon so I won't be checking in on the nest. And, I don't want to bother mother too much anyway.

    But, once the chicks hatch we are going to have movies! :-)