Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Fledgling Appears! (Day 15)

While gazing about the yard this morning, I noticed a bit of movement. Could it be? Yes! :-)

Can you pick out the fledgling?

Yup, you found it. Center of photo. Here's a crop of that same shot.


  1. YIPPEEE!! I knew you would find them- and I'm sure all the other are close by as well!

  2. I'm so glad you were right!!! :-)

    I'll be on the lookout tomorrow for more of the family.

  3. Hurrah! How lovely to see them again. Hope you have sighted the others too.

  4. I'm afraid that was it. I've had no sightings although I thought I'd heard some familiar peeping in the bushes.

  5. Sensible robinlets, probably following their mum's dictats for being allowed outdoors -- stay out of sight if not out of mind.

    Much harder spotting them in all that bustling foliage but I still hope you will catch a few more glimpses!

  6. Today I'm back to work, limiting my opportunities to spy the fledglings. But, I often find adults collecting worms in my little front yard. Last night one sent a rabbit running! Don't mess with mother on a mission!