Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mixing Exercises 36, 39, and 40

I thought I'd spend some extra time and wrap up the Phthalo Green series. I skipped exercises 37 and 38--they're not color charts but some simple exercises in opacity. Next up is a series using earth pigments--the siennas and yellow ochre.

Exercise 36 - Introducing Phthalocyanine Green.
Winsor Green BS and Winsor Blue GS .

Exercise 39 - Introducing Phthalocyanine Green.
Permanent Rose and Winsor Green BS .
This has to be one of the most pleasurable mixes in the entire series. I was completely stunned with the range of lovely colors produced using these two transparent and staining pigments. I wonder how many paintings have used just these two?

Exercise 40 - Introducing Phthalocyanine Green.
Cadmium Scarlet and Winsor Green BS .

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