Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Chicks

A quick check early Saturday morning showed three chicks. After wrapping up my chores, I got set up on the deck with a tripod in early afternoon. That last egg still hadn't hatched. But, do notice the holes and cracked surface (click image for a larger view). Let's hope number four makes its way out!

I've lost track of time... The last time I checked we had four eggs. Was that Friday evening? Or Wednesday? Ah well... No matter... Little ones still too young to raise their heads. See the little feet pushing and the tiny wings trying to beat. I wonder if they are dreaming of flying?

Here's a Vimeo version of the same movie. It allows for an expanded view.


  1. SOOO cute! What a gift to be able to watch them from this vantage point so easily and without stressing them.
    Ever try to mix the color blue of a robin's egg? Even after making all your charts, I think you will find it a challenge- I filled a whole page in my journal once with my efforts!

  2. Oh my, you are a mind reader! This afternoon I searched beneath the deck for egg shells but none were to be found. Do the birds carry them away rather than simply toss them from the nest? I thought the shells would be a great color mixing/matching exercise!

    I do think it's time for me to try my hand at color matching. Some leaf or flower about the yard will do just fine. Sometime soon I will get to that and post my results.

  3. I loved this post so much! It feels like a great privilege to get glimpses into the private lives of the animals and birds around us, doesn't it?
    The birds do remove the egg shells to a safe distance, so as not to draw attention to the nest.

  4. I wake up wondering how they are doing and even step softly about the house. Such a nice world to slip into...

    If opportunity presents, I'll snatch a peek for us each day to chronicle their rapid development. Thanks for the egg shells info. :-)