Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mixing Exercise 46

Exercise 46 - Introducing Yellow Ochre.
Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Scarlet.

I guess I didn't much think about Yellow Ochre as a yellow, that is until those oranges started popping out. I knew having colors so close together could lead to some nuanced mixes--I tried mixing in tiny bits of Cad Scarlet and it worked!

All my mixing exercises have used Winsor and Newton exclusively. But tonight, I slipped in the right hand column using M. Graham Yellow Ochre. I think this pigment might be a bit cooler than the W&N. This is my very first M. Graham experience. I found the paint a good deal smoother than W&N, not so heavy, much easier to mix. Smelled funny... Plastic? Fishy? Dunno... more sniffing needed. And, of course, do need to try more paints.

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