Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now There Are Four!

Look who's arrived! Number four! :-)

Here's Mother waiting for me clear out.

Robin Chicks

Dear email subscribers, Vimeo videos won't embeb into your email but the link above should take you to the video.


  1. What wonderful raggedy little worms with winglets. I have never seen baby birds moving before. Astonishing to imagine them as the compact competetent fliers they will later become. Thank you for posting the film. Just beautiful; and you have captured so well the alert, wary look of the mum too.

  2. I'm hoping for daily updates, time, weather, and of course Mother, permitting.

    I find it curious how they harmoniously stir about and settle in.

  3. I love Katharine's comment above. I am writing a post for tomorrow about the progress of nesting things-I hope to link here, if that is OK with you?

  4. That is very okay with me! :-)