Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixing Exercise 33

Exercise 33 - Introducing Phthalocyanine Green.
Winsor Green BS and Ultramarine Blue.

Today's exercise uses a blue that extends a bit further away than yesterday's blue. I can see something of yesterday's range of mixes contained in today's exercise. Curiously, I never realized the extent of violet in the French Ultramarine. (I'm seeing more violet on my chart than this screen.)

The Natural Pigments order arrived today! Here's a little study using the Rublev brand watercolors, Nicosia Green Earth and Italian Raw Sienna. There seems to be a bit of grittiness with these paints although perhaps I've simply not had enough experience with my W&N earth paints. I'll have a better idea soon as my mixing exercises will next week turn to using earths.

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