Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mixing Exercise 19

Exercise 19 - Grays and neutrals from yellow and violet with orange-yellow and mixed bright red -violet. Winsor Lemon, French Ultramarine, and Permanent Rose.

These exercises open me to color. Not so much my brighter mixes... I am attracted to subdued colors and all their subtle variations. I get the urge to paint "something", not just my little three quarter inch squares, but I will continue to put my time into daily exercises. Soon enough I will be shifting focus--the water color course is due up in a month or so, leaving me just enough time to complete the book's fifty exercises.

But isn't this enough to do? Well... You know how it is... I've just become a bit interested in Paleolithic art--cave painting. Look at those wonderful earth tones. Truly earth tones. I'd love to learn to mimic the look. I suspect my library will soon be growing. But for now, I'm digging up web resources.


  1. Your greys and neutrals here would do credit to a rose-garden! I think the red/orange coincidence comes through strongly. Again, though, mixing pale pinks using complementaries is such a success; they look utterly natural flower/fruit colours. Mulberries and dandelions, anyone?

  2. I continue to be completely amazed by the range of colors available from six pigments. I appreciate your comparisons to natural objects. I am experiencing moments when I see a color or combinations thereof that I now "know" as a result of these exercises. A new way of seeing is becoming available to me.