Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 3

Week 3 has arrived!

Other Helpful Watercolor Techniques: continuing to become confident with brush, paint and water.

This week we are asked to peruse the web for watercolor techniques and societies. This is so already done for me!

Brush work begins with dry brush technique. We have a little video to get us started but this is of course a matter of feel and experience. Fanning the brush is mentioned.

Next up are lifting exercises, running a brush with clear water over a damp painted area to part and lift the pigment.

And then an exercise in using absorbent material to soften edges or lighten strongly painted areas in still wet paint.

And lastly, what I think will be my favorite, is dipping the brush tip in a darker color to apply a wide range with a single brush stroke. This reminds me of instructions from when I dabbled in Chinese painting. (That's a whole other story... Yep, I have brushes and inks and papers and DVDs, oh my!)

Weekly Journal. This week's topic:

Reach deep into description and experience in discussing a favorite painting.

Student Open Forum. This week's topic:

Share our web discoveries from the above assignment.

Okay, that's this coming week. This is third and final preparatory week. Next week we begin full paintings using all our acquired skills. This week looks like a lot of fun for me and I could use an easy week. Allergies (no it's not my age, no it's not my age, no...) have been slowing me down lately but I have crawled into work.

But enough of that. There is a new project afoot! More on that very soon... :-)

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