Monday, June 21, 2010

Wash Experiment

Ah... something other than a square. Finally...

Within our wash exercises we are to also apply washes to leaf and other shapes. Here I tried to work in various wash methods. More of these to come later this week.

A few more blocks here. One must be very careful about dropping water. In the middle block a large splat must have been busy at its work for some time before I noticed and drew off the puddle.

Happy Solstice! :-)


  1. Happy Solstice to you too!

    Interesting how your washed leaf shows the two greens one sees in foliage in sunshine -- the bluish, cold green where the light reflects off the leaf's surface, and the hot yellow green where one sees the light shining through from behind. They go together very happily.

  2. Thanks, Katharine. This was a good example of my impatience with drying time biting me repeatably.

    I want some free time to draw up realistic leaves for starting points and try working color from a model. I am getting a bit ahead of the course with this but it's okay. I am getting a strong urge for something "real".