Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Color Charts

Here is the first of a set of blues mixed with the warm colors at the other end the color wheel. I plan to follow the same method with thalo, cerulean, and some greens--that is, time permitting. This exercise took all of a few hours so I'm not sure how far I'll get this week.

Another assignment calls for working with complementaries.

Yesterday I pondered (whined about?) browns and grays. Katharine kindly stepped up and helped me sort out saturation and tonality. Do check out the comments in yesterday's post for the details.


  1. Lovely complementaries! The top chart is beautiful in its own right but I do like the ranges of greys and greyeds you've mixed. Some handsome blacks in there too.

  2. I am having a good time with these charts. Another blue base and perhaps some more complementaries too this evening. After napping here (yawn...), it's time to get to it.

    Charts last only this week. Next week is wash week! :-)