Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wash Sticks

Here are a few vertical washes, some experiments with multiple grading. Work has lately been draining and I just couldn't push a lot of effort in tonight, but this evening I did upload a bunch of washes to Cornell. I may send in a few more but there's probably more than enough already. In that case, I can wrap up this week's work with a journal submission.


  1. Interesting how these samples can prompt stories. First: coastline seen from above. Seagull's-eye view? Anchovies for lunch? Second: the sea in the middle distance ... sand ... shingle ... dry sand ... driftwood ... churned-up sand ... BEACHTOWEL ... sand ... and the third looks like roses translated into a Neapolitan ice-cream; some extraordinary 'summer garden' confection by Heston Blumenthal no doubt.

  2. You leave me laughing with delight! How very imaginative of you.

    All your wonderful comments combined with my recent instructor's comments lead me back to the kitchen table for a good round of play.

    Thank you! :-)

  3. Playing is the way forward! :-D Looking forward to the results.