Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Graded Washes

This evening I pushed the graded washes a bit with some wet in wet work as well as dry overlays, especially with yellow ochre. The dark brown is the Rublev Umber. Green is Viridian and the light red is Permanent Rose.

I like this long horizontal. Perhaps I should try a vertical format as well...


  1. Suddenly, landscapes! I particularly enjoy the sense of space and blowing sand in the middle distance of the 'Negev' (third one down) and the quiet mists over the ploughed fields in the final exercise. The gold ochre and ultramarine (if it's ultramarine) are exciting colours together and doesn't the rose look pretty where it washes into the viridian? -- almost navy blue.

  2. Landscapes indeed, Katharine. :-) I simply delight over this long format. How curious to not only gain a sense of width but also of depth is rewarding, if quite accidental.

    Yes, you're right--it's ultramarine, with me up to my old trick of an overlay wash of yellow ochre. Earth and granulation, pure pleasure!

    I went with the rose as (could you believe it?) I didn't have a tube of quin red. Lovely neutrals.

    My instructor, Marcia, is encouraging me to expand the tonal range of my washes. How light can I go? How dark can I go? That's where I'll be at today.

    Negev, plowed fields... Your descriptions are inspiring.