Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 2

This is wash week!

We are provided with a video instruction of wash techniques and advised to check the web for more examples. Reference is also made to Coral Guest's Painting In Watercolour.

Four types of washes are introduced:
  • Flat - a single color evenly applied with a constant value.
  • Graded - a single color applied with a graduated value.
  • Blended - one color blended into another color and applied with a constant value
  • Overlaid - a single color evenly applied with a constant value over any kind of wash. Be sure the wash is dry before overlaying.
We are encouraged to be brave about mixing plenty of wash and in doing so to create vibrant color. We are cautioned about overworking.

Weekly Journal. This week's topic:

Are you too hard on yourself? I am surprised that I often hear from so many students that they work very hard at not being too critical of themselves as they undertook a new course, challenge, or project, such as watercolor.

The creative process can slow us down, quiet that noisy, self-critical voice, and allow for moments in which we're not planning ahead to the next hour, day, week, event. Check yourself: are you taking this one step at a time, or are you expecting much more achievement than is realistic? Is it relaxing, or stressful?

Student Open Forum. This week's topic:

Have you found a watercolor that was really inspiring to you? Is there an artist that you admire? Please use this week's forum to share some examples of work that you very much appreciate, and tell us a little bit about why they are compelling to you.

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