Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play Time

Well, I was asked to play. :-)

Picked up some nice feedback on the charts.


  1. I have stacks of papers just like this- I can't part with them! Somehow my "play" pieces often have far more life and/or capture the emotion of my subject better than my finished pieces. I also make notations on color mixtures, technique etc. on these pages and I find a bit of daily life also makes its way onto them (i.e. grocery lists, phone numbers etc.) . I probably learn more by "playing" than from any other source!
    I particularly like the upper left hand corner of your page- looks kind of seaweedy to me; perhaps that's because I am getting ready for my annual trek out to the Isles of Shoals tomorrow! I'll be gone for the next week. I'll be checking in on Nuncketest when I get back!
    hope you have a great week,
    ~ gretchen

  2. Wow, it's that time of year already? Wishing you a most inspirational trip. And a special wish that you see just a bit less wind and rain this year. ;-)

  3. Have a great trip, Gretchen! (If and when you see this!)

    John, what did you mix for the bamboo stem? Ochre and ... ? The colour is perfect -- greenish tinges and all.

  4. I'm pretty sure that was Viridian, another new tube. I'm trying out that pigment, as well as Permanent Mauve, for lifting abilities. They seem to have a bit of granulation about them as well. Pigment personality, as I like to call it. :-)

  5. Oh, viridian! Lovely lovely colour. If you are bored and at a loose end one evening (ho ho), make up a colour mixing chart with viridian and quinacridone red. It's the most extraordinary green, so cool it's practically blue. In fact if applied as a thin wash it can appear turquoise.

    'Pigment personality'. I like that too. A very real and useful phrase.