Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scan Play and Additional Resources Book

Listed as an additional resource, I am gaining perspective from Painting Flowers In Watercolour by Coral G. Guest. Although it gets into plenty of detail on each topic, it is the high level combination of topics that struck me. Thumbnail sketches, tonal studies, color assessment, lighting, washes, and dry brush technique all come together as a process.

I'm sure all these topics are well covered in many watercolor instructionals. In fact, Valerie Oxley's Botanical Illustration comes to mind. I guess I was simply in the right frame of mind to get the gestalt-like picture.

During the course's first week, each student uploads a test scan to assure that once the real business gets underway that there will be no upsets. Last course I submitted a scan of forced crabapple so I continue the tradition with scanned Bittersweet Nightshade twisted about with Photoshop.

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