Friday, June 4, 2010

More Water Play

I so like the combination of Yellow Ochre and French Ultramarine, quite the versatile pair. I am trying to pull in the feeling of water's motion about the rocks. I think a trip with sketchpad and camera to lake's edge this weekend will help.

The welcome message for the upcoming course came in this week. Monday marks the start day--the first week mostly about familiarity with the web interface and assurance of uploading image scans. Some reading assignments, predominantly on material from the previous drawing course. Details coming soon.


  1. Love the little splashes of water around the rocks- did you scrape to get those sparkles of white? i have never been brave enough to try that technique; I really like the yellow ochre shading on the rocks, too- they look like warm afternoon light is shining on them.
    ~ gretchen

  2. It was my first attempt at scraping. I used a singe edge razor which made a swath I thought to be too wide and difficult to control. I first dried the paper with a hair dryer but I think there was still some residual moisture.

    So, very dry paper and something more like a scalpel edge, for instance an X-Acto #1.

    I really struggled through these looser exercises. I appreciate your constructive comments! :-) I had a hard time finding much that pleased but they were great learning experiences.